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MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles
MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles
MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles
MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles
MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles

MAGNETIC-FEET - Repairing Insoles

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Back ache, teeth, neck, stress, loss of shape, anxiety, overweight ... 

Looking for real solutions to relieve your pain without spending a fortune on doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and other medications harmful to your health? 

You want to save time and you refuse to spend hours sweating in a gym or chasing after fad diets.

Discover the MAGNETIC FEET soles , equipped with 400 acupuncture points and adapted from traditional Chinese medicine , these magnetic insoles combine the benefits of acupressure and reflexology to naturally relieve all the daily ills.

Walk, Massage, Slim, and Relieve

Scientifically proven , reflexology involves exerting pressure on specific points of the feet to relieve your ailments , promote blood circulation and soothe the parts of your body affected by pain . 

Your feet are the most connected members to the rest of the body. This is because the feet are almost always in contact with the Earth. 

Thanks to the MAGNETIC-FEET insoles and in just 15 minutes of daily use  : reduce your stress , increase your energy , balance your body and your mind and improve your fitness . 

Upper Sole:
Headed to the Personal 

Chakra Center Arcade: Headed to the Body Function 

Chakra Bottom Sole:
Directed toward the Body Energy Chakra 

Magnets: Balance the energy of the body and mind

Lose your extra pounds! 

Accompanied by a good diet and thanks to the benefits of magnet therapy combined with the effect of Tourmaline stones, Magnetic Feet soles help you eliminate toxins, lose weight and reduce your cellulite. 
Tests conducted on a panel of 1000 people showed that people wearing Magnetic Feet soles achieved a weight loss 4 times higher in just 28 days and feel a daily well-being. 

Adapted to your daily life! 

Magnetic Feet massage soles are designed to be worn whatever your activity. For an occasional walk, for sports, for intense workouts, for work, or anything else, they will help you get the energy boost you need. 

Comfortable and relaxing , Magnetic Feet soles are suitable for all types of shoes. Boots, ballerinas, dress shoes, sneakers, safety or hiking shoes and even heels, they adapt to your lifestyle . 

Designed with anti-humidity technology , Magnetic Feet soles are micro-repirant and perfect for hot days or difficult workouts. 

You lack energy, you feel overwhelmed, tense, stressed, stiff, cramped,
Magnetic Feet soles are for you!

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